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In committing to the work of becoming anti-racist, we know that confronting our failures will be difficult and painful. Guided by faith and grace, we are willing to accept this challenge and to do the necessary work.

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June 2020


(Note: This is an updated version of a previous alert.)

To All Participants in the Friends Committee on North Carolina Legislation:

FCNCL Policy Statement: We promote criminal justice reform, led by the Quaker testimonies of Peace and Equality and in support of our FCNCL Minute on Antiracism. 

FCNCL is committed to antiracism. We stand in solidarity with the North Carolina Council of Churches, the Poor People’s Campaign, and others committed to addressing systemic racism of which we recognize police violence is but one visible part. Our commitment to antiracism includes addressing voting rights, improving access to healthcare, providing quality education, and promoting environmental justice. You can read our Minute on Antiracism here.

We ask you to contact your municipal and state officials to:

  1. Stop Militarization of Police. Redirect funding away from military equipment and military training for police and increase funding towards meeting community needs.
  2. Invest in Black communities by increasing funding for education, jobs, healthcare, and housing.
  3. Renew and increase any funding that has been cut in the past and redirect it to community needs to address mental illness and homelessness with compassion rather than police coercion.
  4. Adopt 8CAN’TWAIT. Recent events have highlighted that these are necessary but not sufficient. Urge your municipality to enact the 8CAN’TWAIT guidelines for policing, but continue your advocacy for much broader system changes.

To find your representative and senator, use this link:

To view this page as a PDF file, click here.

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