FCNCL is governed by a General Committee consisting of representatives from participating meetings. Our work is coordinated by several committees. Meetings are conducted in the manner of Friends; the presiding clerk gathers the sense of the meeting under the leading of the Spirit.

Executive Committee. The Executive Committee includes the FCNCL presiding clerk, recording clerk, treasurer, and committee clerks. They meet at least  quarterly to carry out the priorities set by the General Committee and to oversee the operations of the organization. 

Policy Committee. The Policy Committee has two main functions. Every two years, they solicit input from many individuals, regional meetings, and Quaker organizations and discern a set of priority issues, which they recommend to the FCNCL General Committee, for approval. A second key function is to  identify legislative concerns that warrant the issue of Action Alerts to FCNCL participants. The Committee crafts the alerts and develops Fact Sheets to explain and expand upon selected issues. 

Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee recommends members and attenders to serve as presiding clerk, recording clerk, treasurer, and committee clerks and members. The Executive Committee will appoint a Naming Committee to recommend members of the Nominating Committee.

Communications Committee. The Communications Committee coordinates the flow of information from the Policy and Executive Committees to the membership and the public. They maintain the FCNCL website, Facebook page, and the Friends of FCNCL for Advocacy Facebook Group. They maintain the membership database and mailing lists, send out emails with action alerts or other information, and edit and publish a quarterly newsletter.

Strategic Advocacy and Engagement Committee (SAE). SAE looks to nourish advocacy and engagement through outreach, community-building, and programming including workshops and training sessions. SAE members share deep experience and expertise in connecting with volunteers and teaching them how to engage in advocacy work. 

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